Corporate Christmas Gifts

Treat your valued employees to an award winning KellyBronze boxed turkey and be the talk of the Christmas dinner with their family and friends.                                                         

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Quote taken from H M Revenue and Customs website...

"An employer may provide employees with a seasonal gift, such as a turkey, an ordinary bottle of wine or a box of chocolates at Christmas. All of these gifts can be treated as trivial benefits. . For an employer with a large number of employees the total cost of providing a gift to each employee may be considerable, but where the gift to each employee is a trivial benefit, this principle applies regardless of the total cost to the employer and the number of employees concerned"

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to give your employees  a 5kg fresh KellyBronze turkey delivered to the workplace

To ensure availability corporate orders must be received by November 30th.

Please call 07811 379597 or email [email protected] for prices