About Wildwood Farm in Rayleigh Essex


Welcome to Wildwood Farm, situated in Rayleigh, Essex. We took over our farm in July 2008, it's a small local farm consisting of approx 10 acres, 4 of these are mature woodland ideal for raising our Free-range KellyBronze turkeys, rare breed pedigree Tamworth and Saddleback pigs by traditional farming methods. We belong to the the British Pig Association and are also official Pedigree Pork producers.
We decided that we wanted our Turkeys to be free to roam in the pastures with wild flowers and herbs and extensive woodland. The KellyBronze turkey is the ultimate experience in Christmas dining, the birds are grown to maturity over six months and fed on locally grown cereals and vegetable protein, without the need for additives, drugs or growth promoters.
The result is a turkey with "good old-fashioned flavour", beautifully moist and a densely textured meat.