KellyBronze Fresh Turkeys

In 1981 Derek Kelly supplied a local butcher with a few of the bronze and black turkeys. They had been relegated from his breeding programme to his rare breed collection. He was dedicated to improving the flavour and texture of a white turkey,
In 1982 Kelly Turkey Breeders collected together the few remaining flocks of the traditional bronze turkeys, to ensure bloodlines were preserved. They found that these small flocks were all slow growing strains that had retained the original flavour of turkey. Today KellyBronze is a mixture of all these bloodlines blended to give the ultimate in eating quality, the exact combination is a closely kept secret.
Since then the Kelly family have passed on their expertise and bloodlines to local farmers who produce the Kellybronze turkey the tradional way across the country, direct from the farm to our customers, no KellyBronze turkeys are sold to supermarkets.
Since then the KellyBronze has gone from strengh to strength here are a few extracts below of recent media coverage.
"KellyBronze is the best bird you can buy,                                                                    "A free range KellyBronze is the Rolls Royce of turkey
a good turkey reared well, is what makes                                                                     with it's full-flavoured, densely textured meat and marbled
all the difference."                                                                                                      muscle meat.
NIGELLA LAWSON                                                                                                      THE TIMES
"How to Eat"